Eddily is reimagining the college to career path through a unique skill building and campus recruiting platform that is powered directly by employers.

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The Eddily platform is a Career Launcher

If you are like most College Students, you are overwhelmed by all the career related decisions you have to make.  What type of career do I want?  Can I align my college concentration and interests to a job?  How do I get the most out of college to best prepare for campus recruiting and beyond?  What skills should I be developing?   How will I know if I like the company or the job?  How do I build a relationship with a recruiter?

We get it.

From incoming Freshmen to graduating Seniors, students join Eddily to:

Discover Companies & Industries
Build Relevant Career Skills
Receive Recognition for Accomplishments
Access Recruiters


The Eddily platform is a Talent Pool Builder

Like many campus recruiters and hiring managers, you wish the sourcing and hiring process for college students would be more effective and more efficient.   Seems like everyone is using the same data to look for the same student type from the same talent pool.  And when you do hire good recent grads, you are likely overspending on basic skills training and retention incentives.   All this is really affecting your campus recruiting ROI.

We understand.

Recruiters and Hiring Managers from companies of all sizes join Eddily to:

Curate their Talent Pool
Improve Candidate Evaluations
Decrease Hiring and Turnover Costs
Increase Day 1 Productivity

How it works

1.  Campus recruiters post skill challenges (pre-recruiting or during recruiting)

2.  College students complete challenges to build or demonstrate skills

3.  Students earn career rewards & other engagement opportunities

4.  Employers & students use data to discover and evaluate

By engaging through Skill Challenges, college students and future employers share knowledge and information that will help optimize their career search and talent recruiting, respectively.

Eddily is led by experienced SF Bay Area professionals who are passionate about higher education and the workforce of the future.  Our vision is to reshape Higher Education by becoming the learning & engagement Bridge between students, colleges & employers
To achieve our vision, we hold ourselves accountable to the following core values:

  • Create Opportunity
  • Keep Learning
  • Share Joy
  • Innovate with Passion
  • Go Beyond
  • Invite Inclusiveness